vendredi 30 juillet 2010

Pompiers en Vert

Green Firefighters

Tous les camions de pompiers ne sont pas rouges. A priori dans les années 70 il a été estime que la vert-citron était plus visible. Certains contés ont donc change leurs camions de couleur. Aujourd'hui les bandes réfléchissantes sont plus performantes et la couleur importe peu. Mais certains contes ont choisi de garder cette couleur

All firefighter trucks are not red. It seems that in the 70's lime green was believed to be more visible. So some counties changed their truck's color.
Nowadays the reflective paints are more efficient and the truck's color doesn't seem to be as important. But some counties still have that color.

4 commentaires:

  1. I never knew! How very interesting- and isn't it funny we never stop to question why they are all usually red an why it's never changed! xo m.

  2. @EcoMILF: I had to search online a bit to understand the story. My sister-in-law told me that red trucks were not made anymore and that lime green was the new color, but that's not the information I found online...

  3. Perhaps when they started painting trucks, Red was just an easier color to get? lol. In Tennessee, at least where I live, the trucks are red.

  4. @Jessica: It does make you wonder why red, doesn't it? I've seen old firetrucks from the early 1900's in France that were red too (that's the color we use too). NC is red too.



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