dimanche 4 juillet 2010

Happy Birthday America!

Aujourd'hui on célèbre l’Indépendance Américaine. Le 4 Juillet est tous les ans aux couleurs de l’Amérique, "Red, White and Blue" comme ils disent. C'est aussi l'occasion de faire des grillades, de se retrouver entre amis, d’écouter de la musique dans les parcs publics, et de regarder des feux d'artifices, officiels et moins officiels...
Je dis ça car en Caroline du Nord, seul les professionnels sont autorises a lancer des feux d'artifices qui vont en hauteur. Les particuliers n'ont le droit de bruler que ceux qui restent au sol pour des raisons de sécurité je suppose. Alors que font les gens? Et bien ils conduisent en Caroline du Sud ou au Tennessee pour acheter le reste et les ramener a la maison.
Ce soir je travaille mais j’étais chez la cousine d'Hubby hier soir et j'ai eu droit a quelques feux d'artifices.

Et pour célébrer l'Anniversaire de mon pays d'accueil voici quelques photos aux couleurs de l’Amérique prisent hier en ville.

Today we celebrate Independence Day. Every year the Fourth of July is to colored by the American colors: Red, White and Blue as they say. It's also the opportunity to gather up for BBQ with friends, listen to music in the public parks, watch official and unofficial fireworks...
I say that because in North Carolina, only professionals are allowed to use fireworks going high in the air. For personal use it's only the type that stays on the ground, for security purposes I assume. So what do people do? Well they drive to South Carolina or Tennessee to buy the rest and bring them home.
Tonight I'm working but I was at Hubby's cousin's house last night and I got a sample of fireworks.

To celebrate the Anniversary of my land I live in, here are a few pictures with the colors of America taken downtown yesterday.
Deux enfants avec le chapeau des Yankee et celui des Confédérés.
Two children with the Yankee and the Confederate hats.

2 commentaires:

  1. I live in Tennessee!!! lol, and we've had fire works for like... 3 days. Not that I don't love celebrating independence... but I do love me some sleep!

    I just wanted to say thanks for your comments over on Jenna's blog, and thanks for understanding, and taking my writings the way I intended it, and not like a personal attack.

    I read your "about me" and I am so impressed. I'm going to assume that English is your second language? But hoy cow it is good! I've tried for years to learn German (my family lived there for most of my High School years), but I can't roll my R's to save my life, and during the one French class I took... I was worried some one was going to think I was insulting them. lol, speaking languages is just not my thing (and reading German, while useful, is not always enough). I love reading your French/English translations though!

    Sorry this is so long. I'll stop babbling now. Have a great week!

  2. @Jessica: Ah ah, it's the same here. Between friends we know, neighbors and the official ones... Nothing too late though thankfully.

    You're welcome. I got an email from Jenna too and I think when it comes to religion people tend to assume all religions are judgmental upon others and that is not the case of the LDS Church as I've learned from blogs and more.
    It's sometimes hard to write personal stories because you try not to make it too long, but then sometimes omit elements that people don't know and would help them understand.

    Yes English is my second language, but I had the chance to spend 10 months with my Godparents in TX when I was 17 and it helped me get fluent. Ah ah, I think rolling the R is the hardest thing for non Latin language speakers. You can never offend someone by trying to speak their language (unless they are idiots), I always love it when people try to speak as long as it's not to show off.
    You're like my husband, he's not gifted for language either. I guess we all have our own skills don't we.
    I'm glad you got to enjoy it, it's for situations like that that I translate it, because I read both French and English blogs and I feel that if people come to my little spot then they should be able to read me too. :)

    I love babbling and reading it so thank you instead.



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