vendredi 25 février 2011

Fils d'Argent

Silver Threads

Je pense que j'ai découvert mon premier cheveu blanc peu avant mes vingt-cinq ans. Quelques uns de plus se sont ajoutés depuis, mais faut il encore les chercher. J'ai des cheveux entre châtain et châtain clair alors ils se font plutôt discrets.
Ce qui m'amuse c'est la différence de réaction avec mon mari. Moi j'en vois un et je dis "oh j'ai un cheveu blanc" lui c'est plutôt "Je te l’enlève" et moi de répondre" Ça va pas? Laisse le tranquille".
Alors que ça ne le gène aucunement d'avoir des fils d'argents dans ses cheveux, bizarrement il pense que moi je n'en veux pas ou bien il ne veut pas les voir sur moi?
Moi (pour le moment, je me donne le droit de changer d'avis), je trouve que les cheveux blanc ont quelque chose de très digne sur les dames. Quelque chose de doux, de sage, un souvenir d’arrière-grand mère.
Un jour peut être je me teindrais les cheveux, mais pour le moment je laisse mes cinq cheveux blanc tranquille.

I think I discovered my first white hair shortly before my twenty fifth birthday. A few more came along since but you have to look for them. I have light chestnut hair so they are pretty discreet.
What amuses me is how differently my husband and I react to it. I see one and say "Oh I have a white hair", he is more like "let me remove it" to which I answer "You're crazy? Leave it alone."
While he isn't bothered by his silver threads, somewhat he thinks I don't want mine or maybe it is that he doesn't want them on me?
To me (for now, I give myself the right to change my mind) I think white hair have something very dignified on women. A little something soft and wise, a memory of great-grandmothers.
One day maybe I'll die my hair, but for now I let my five white hair alone.

3 commentaires:

  1. My hubby and I are opposite. I don't have any (that I've found) yet, but my husband has a bunch! (not surprising, his dad, and two older have been grey since they with in their 30's!). I would pull out mine if I only had a few, but he won't let me touch his... because all of it will be grey soon enough!

  2. Bonjour and welcome to America! I want to learn french but so far have lacked the discipline. I keep thinking I will magically become more disciplined one day:) Grey hairs....I have many but keep them colored. When I talked about going natural my husband wasn't sure it was a good idea:)

  3. @Jessica: I wouldn't let me touch his either, he is 35 and has a fair amount of them now, and darker hair so it stands out more.

    @Lola: Bonjour et merci. It's a hard language to learn, epecially for native English speakers. Rosetta stone is a good tool but pricey, there are groups that meet via the meetup platform all over the US, that's a good way to practice. My husband has no discipline to it, which explains why even after 5 years living together he can only say 10 words in French.
    AH ah, I think husbands like to keep us looking young. My mom died hers too, and most of my aunts do too. One of them recently let them go natural and it looks beautiful on her. I think there is always that stage with chestnut hair when there is too much to look pretty but not enough for the white hair effect.



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