vendredi 7 mai 2010

I-751 Removal of Conditions: NOA

J'ai reçu un autre courrier vendredi dernier: le NOA (Notice of Action) de mon I-751.
Ce document rallonge la durée de ma carte verte de un an, de façon a ce que je reste légale durant le processus du Removal of Conditions qui peut prendre plusieurs mois (6 en moyenne).

19 Avril: Courrier envoyé au centre du Vermont
21 avril: Courrier reçu dans le Vermont
22 avril: Date du NOA
23 avril: Chèque encaissé
30 avril: NOA reçu au courrier.

Il est fort recommandé d'envoyer le courrier en suivi de façon a s'assurer qu'il arrive a bon port. C'est aussi bien d'envoyer un chèque personnel car cela permet de voir quand il est encaissé.
Dans les semaines qui suivent je devrais recevoir une convocation pour aller prendre mes empreintes et photos a Charlotte. Ensuite il faudra attendre.

I received something else in the mail last Friday: the NOA (Notice of Action) of my I-751.
This document extends my green card for an other year, to allow me to still be legal during the Removal of Conditions process. It can take several months (6 on average).

April 19th: Letter sent to the Vermont Service Center
April 21st: Letter received in Vermont
April 22nd: Date of the NOA
April 23rd: Check cashed
April 30th: NOA in our mailbox.

It's recommended to sent the letter with confirmation receipt to make sure it arrives. Also to use personal check as it's easier to track when they are cashed.
In the coming weeks I should receive an appointment letter or the biometrics in Charlotte. And after that it will just be the waiting game.

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  1. This is wonderful news, I'm excited to follow your progress since you're ahead of us!

  2. Which part of the process are you at? The AOS (First two year green card)? Have you been to I love signing up in the "enter month" filer in the forums and keep up with people who filed at the same time, it helps to get an idea of when your turn will come (it can be frustrating to when you haven't been approved and other people are), it's great for questions too.



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